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Scorpio (♏) is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Duration (tropical, western), October 23 – November 22 (, UT1) in Hindu astrology), the Sun is in Scorpio from approximately November 16 to December 1 Associations; 2 References; 3 Works cited; 4 External links.

The Universe is saying to you- release the fears that hold you back and bond you to these earthly illusions. On the other side of your fear is everything you have ever wanted, everything you have ever dreamed of. Your fears are not to be ignored, but rather they are to be challenged.

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Rise up to them, for you are strong enough, and the power of this Moon will be helping you. On a physical level, this Full Moon may also put a spotlight on your health. If you have not been looking after yourself, or if you have been ignoring any lingering symptoms, it is going to be important to take action around this Full Moon.

Self-care is always so important, but on this Full Moon we really have to pay attention and look after our physical bodies as much as possible. A huge part of this is also practicing self-love, and accepting our bodies no matter what, even if we are faced with illness or dis-ease. Our bodies are the vessel that we have chosen to carry our soul through this earthly journey. The shape of our body, the state of our body is the perfect vessel for the lessons and growth that our soul is here to do. Honor your body, honor any perceived flaws, and know that you are perfect.

Allow the light of the Moon to shine down on your face and soak up the healing vibes it emits. Allow the light of the Moon to beam straight into your core, so it can recharge your energy centers, awaken your soul, and revitalize your body. On the deepest soul level, this Full Moon is helping to awaken our potential within.

12222 Full Moon and New Moon calendar

This Full Moon is helping to crack us open so we can see beyond our beliefs and into a new reality. We perceive our reality to be a solid, three-dimensional world, but for those who have expanded their mind and awareness, it is easy to see that there are dimensions beyond this, life beyond this, and realms beyond this. As a Spiritual Teacher and Coach, I help my clients leverage their expertise and experiences by monetizing their passion and Spiritual Gifts.

I love your work and have been recommending you to our Spiritual Superstars for years now because of your tremendous service to humanity. I have reached out to you through your other platforms, messenger, etc.

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What a blessing you are and will continue to be! I hope to hear from you soon. Necole XO. For me its very interesting.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Astrology Horoscope All Signs: February 15 2018

It falls in my 7 house, trine uranus in 3. Uranus ruls my 7 house. Than i separate with my husband, the father of my child. Till now it were very havy three years all alone with my son. We see each other becouse of the son. Its strange what will brings this new moon, this year???


I know it will be something different ofcourse, but what will be…??? I hope some new energy with something new and not with the ex husbend. This could be very fortunate for me, indeed. It will fall in my 6H. Could you shed some light on this aspect? Menu Skip to content.

Mars enters Scorpio

Search for:. New Moon February Astrology. New Moon February [Stellarium]. January 26, February 25, Jamie Partridge. Necole XO Reply.

The semi-sextiles of this New Moon in Aquarius are the arches of our Cathedral that support the magnificent dome. All these small and very important semi-sextiles are tied upon the sextile aspect of Saturn and Neptune. This is an important aspect because it joins together two planets that are in their domicile Signs. Saturn is in Capricorn and Neptune is in Pisces, which means both planets are expressing at their best, emphasizing a motif of the construction Saturn of an ideal Neptune.

It is an aspect of truly inspired goals, that presents tangible opportunities for our dreams to be brought into reality.

New Moon February – Hope and Goodwill – Astrology King

The fact that these two planets are simultaneously in semi-sextiles with the New Moon aids, so as any new ideas conceived now, may materialize. Venus trine Uranus is originality in what we like and the easiness with which we like new concepts. Mars square Pluto is the powerful drive that fuels our intentions, is our persistence and focus to drive through and complete our work.

It is the power behind the building of the new, but we have to be careful to use the unstoppable force that this square represents, constructively and completely stripped of egotistical desires. The aspects around this New Moon are like a supportive framework that allows us to share our dream with others. It helps us understand that there is common ground and opportunities if we work and collaborate towards the same cause.

It brings awareness of potential partnerships and relationships that though they will serve our common interests, they shall shall allow for the expression of our own originality, at the same time.