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Scorpio (♏) is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Duration (tropical, western), October 23 – November 22 (, UT1) in Hindu astrology), the Sun is in Scorpio from approximately November 16 to December 1 Associations; 2 References; 3 Works cited; 4 External links.

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HellBound Books Publishing. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. LitRPG , video games. David Barker , W. Debra Dunbar , J. Faolan's Pen Publishing. Blaise Corvin , Outspan Foster. Zach Bohannon , J. Star Trek: A Cultural History. Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Legends. Holmes 3. Blizzard Entertainment. Chaos Cocktail: 13 Fantasy Bar Brawls. Edward M. Wysocki, Jr. Big Anklevich , Rish Outfield. The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. Nightqueen Enterprises. Spatterlight Press Backstage with Jack Vance 2.

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