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Scorpio (♏) is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Duration (tropical, western), October 23 – November 22 (, UT1) in Hindu astrology), the Sun is in Scorpio from approximately November 16 to December 1 Associations; 2 References; 3 Works cited; 4 External links.

Gemini people tend to think they have everyone analyzed right down to the very last degree. Gemini people are more comfortable in moving from one realm of life to another than to settle down with one specific thing. Artistically conversationalist and intellectually mind-blowing, they almost have anything they want with their cleverness. Experimentation is the adrenalin Gemini people need to keep going on. The Pisces are strongly intuitive people with a clever mind and some gentle dreams. They are warmly tolerant and they never become judgmental in any situation. Pisces have an amazing sense of spiritual and human qualities.

They search for themselves within the complexities of life.

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When found, they tend to see a spiritual self and want to run from it being initially terrified and then skeptical of their discovery. They would much rather go with the flow than to fight the odds to a better solution. If fighting the odds is the only way, they hide and run from it delving themselves into something more consuming than what is facing them, like music, creativity, religion, science, a dedication to friends and loved ones, even drugs or alcohol.

Gemini and Pisces tend to be attracted to each other in the communicative sense. Gemini loves to be heard, to be noticed and to manipulate conversation the way they see fit. An audience is almost necessary for the Gemini. When giving speeches of incredible proportions, the colorful words and ideas of Gemini can only be best appreciated with someone they can capture an interest with. Pisces provide that audience for their Gemini.

They have a fascination of listening to others sorrows and pleasures as well as having the feeling of being needed. This is where their initial attraction stems from. Whether they can hold such an attraction is not an easy task.

They both tend to want to fly off to other areas. When wandering, they may have a tendency to keep going. One other reason to keep them together is the similarity between Gemini and Pisces in their awe for the beauty of nature. Neither of them is fully attentive to anything, so trying to hold their concentration is futile.

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They are both keen on slipping themselves in and out of a situation whenever they feel the need or desire to do so. Although Gemini stays keen, sharp and quick witted and Pisces tends to show a softer understanding, they both stay quick on their feet when maneuvering in and out of the mental ways.

The smallest of indications needs to be nipped in the butt before they grow into phenomenal proportions and ruin such a unity. Gemini and Pisces are quite different from each other and so the relations they have goes through many twists and turns before they settle down for sometime. Friends, colleagues and siblings together with relatives are not very interfering in each others lives. Their bond is pleasant and friendly with lots to share and learn.

A commercial tie can be a trouble for both of them as they both tend to dream and slip from one idea to the other. Romantic relationship of Gemini and Piscean has to face many bumpy roads as they are both very different in their expression of love with different needs. Parenthood is gladly accepted by Pisces while Gemini takes it at another experience of life and similar is with them when they enjoy their childhood.

The relationships between Gemini and Pisces are as unpredictable as any relationship can be. To try to explore into the mind of a Pisces is something that is not tolerated by them. Without the response Gemini loves to create from Pisces, the Gemini begins to get bored and perhaps let their relationship ends or get rotten.

They coldly pick Pisces apart and find out what makes them tick. They figure out the troubles in the Pisces and attempt to put them back together again after giving their own sense of solution. They walk away and move onto the next best thing, leaving Pisces to ponder around the pieces left for years to come. If enough give and take is shown on both sides through support, faith and encouragement, there is a chance that this union can be a good one. Pardon me for being so bold as to answer this but I felt compelled to do so.

Your description of this dismal relationship echoes my own personal experience with a piscean female pretty much to a tee, and by that I refer to the emotional mindfield that you appear to have been going through, sweet anonymous human, I relate to you. Then it began… For the next 15 years!. Like I need to answer that hmm? Your worth more than that in every respect and those who tell you other wise are only portraying their own inadiquacies upon you, but i digress! The real reason I wanted to reply is to tell you that I know how it feels, I know they are enthruling, intoxicating, have honeyed words that resonate through your soul and stay with you, it can become almost addictive.

I would never think to do something so callous, so disrespectful. It made me feel like I was worthless, a failure. I of course now know this to be the complete opposite, teenage years are harsh.

What are my sun and moon signs and which are compatible?

Pisces, we pisces, are some of the nicest caring people around, but we harbour a dark inner core, that only some are allowed to see. For me that is the hardest thing to know but the only way I can accept moving on. Enjoy the moments you had and focus upon making more with a better, more openly honest human. Not all pisces are like this, as I said I am one, and would do anything for the woman who would give me a piece of her heart. All the things that are worth it in life never come easy. As for yourself, please remember that your mind, no matter how much we all say we can take in life, is still fragile.

Look at life from all perspectives including through the eyes of the person causing you the most grief, because to have one directional views in life, is to bring about ruin. I gave it for his love.

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Im a pisces in love with a gemini man. We met on line and fell in love but he in the Army and they shipped him to Nigeria. Its made it difficult for us to. He was suppose to come home for Christmas and we were suppose to meet. Ive barely heard from him and didnt even. My feelings are very hurt and I told him just to loose my number. My heart is breaking at the thought of not being with him. Can you please give me some advice? I am a Pisces woman and my relationship with a Gemini man has been rough at best. We love each other dearly but we have become toxic.

We are determined to put the effort in as we both believe we were brought back together for a reason. Fingers crossed! Reading this hit me hard. He knows me better than anyone. We both love and care for each other very much. When she first declared we were dating, I was really really excited. I still get dreams of her, and like how great she is, how cute she is, blah blah etc. I will admit, I still really love her. Love you dearly, Sara. Once a friend of mine liked him and he liked her so she asked me if it was ok but I still loved him but I told her it was ok so they ended up together but they have broken up.

Everybody who knows him says to me that no one will ever love him as I do. What should I do to make him notice me? This is an extremely sensative sign for a Gemini. Especially a Gemini woman who loves intellectual banter and is quick to draw conclusions about a persons character. Pisces has a sensativity and intuitiveness that always draws me to them, despite the fact that I know this is not a good lasting love match.

Gemini and Gemini Nature and Nuances:

The relationships, inevitably, never end well. But the murky waters that pisces thrives in peaks the endless curiosity of child-like Gemini. Pisces Woman married to Gemini Man…. Not great or ideal. I can understand how Pisces can be led to: If fighting the odds is the only way, they hide and run from it delving themselves into something more consuming than what is facing them, like music, creativity, religion, science, a dedication to friends and loved ones, even drugs or alcohol.

I seriously need to feel positivity, love, and support… along with not feeling worried or stressed. Pisces is just as changeable and is known to take on the traits of whoever they are with. The sign of the fish wears his or her persona lightly, and this is something they have in common with Gemini. Both are chameleons, so imagine a love story that's never boring, but also tends to be, well, unstable.

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  • In the playful beginning, it's like a variety show, a whole lot of fun. It's only when the deeper relating begins that there can be missed signals. When the real risks of opening to love begin, it might feel like skydiving without a net. Or swimming without a life preserver. When there are trust and a commitment, the changeability is merely the outer show and keeps the passion going.

    The calendar is always full, and there's lots of laughter. Gemini, like its ruler, is a mercurial character, often this comes across as unfeeling, like someone looking from the outside. Pisces is ruled by Neptune , the higher octave of Venus, and longs to merge in a mystical experience. Both struggle with the age-old question, "Who am I? When there's a deeper understanding of the other's nature, that shapeshifting is a constant infusion into their affair.

    When there are downtime and solitude, as well as seeking fascinations "out there," it becomes a well-rounded and satisfying long-term friendship. But the Sun is just one side of the story, albeit the brightest one, in your birth chart. Much will depend on the other planets and energies. If there's love chemistry, look to Venus and the Moon for further harmonies. In essence, Gemini and Pisces, as two chameleons, have a lot of good times, but this also makes it erratic. Even when they try to be sincere, shadow Gemini-Pisces have a diffuse or slippery sense of self that causes both to be manipulative without realizing it.

    Gemini is way too emotionally detached for Pisces, who may feel drained after time spent listening to the whirlygig, feeling everything that Gemini says. Gemini won't want to be censored and will grow restless when any semblance of clarity from Pisces is eclipsed in a dreamy fog. Basically, this relationship is like a ship lost at sea without an anchor.