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Scorpio (♏) is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Duration (tropical, western), October 23 – November 22 (, UT1) in Hindu astrology), the Sun is in Scorpio from approximately November 16 to December 1 Associations; 2 References; 3 Works cited; 4 External links.

The Trump administration on Wednesday proposed overhauling decades-old Medicare rules originally meant to deter fraud and abuse but now seen as a roadblock to coordinating better care for patients.

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The Trump Administration is blocking shipments from a Chinese company making baby pajamas sold at Costco warehouses, after the foreign manufacturer was accused of forcing ethnic minorities locked in an internment camp to sew clothes. Can the Cycle End? As coach travel gets more cramped, airlines have added "premium economy" sections that promise more space and comfort — often at a substantially higher price.

Welcome to Today's U. Contract talks aimed at ending a day strike by the United Auto Workers against General Motors have taken a turn for the worse, hitting a big snag over product commitments for U. Style Love Leather? Ettinger, one of Britain's finest luxury leather accessories brands, has opened its U. We sat on the verandah, talking and enjoying the Everysurrounding views, until well-nigh midnight. Khandala is nothing but a big village, situated on the flat top of one of the mountains of the Sahiadra range, about 2, feet above the sea level.

It is surrounded by isolated peaks, as strange in shape as any we have seen. Sivaji is a kind of Indian Ilia Moorometz, though his epoch is much nearer to our times. He was the hero and the king of the Mahrattas in the seventeenth century, and the founder of their shortlived empire.

It is to him that India owes the weakening, if not the entire destruction, of the Mussulman yoke. No taller than an ordinary womsn, and with the hand of a child, he was, nevertheless, possessed of wonderful strength, which, of. The basis of this hero's fame is the fact that he, the son of a poor officer in the service of a Mogul emperor, like another David, slew the Mussulman Goliath, the formidable Afzul Khan.

It was not, however, with a sling that he killed him, he used in this combat the formidable Mahratti weapon, vaghnakh, consisting of five long steel nails, as sharp as needles, and very strong. This weapon the is worn on fingers, and wrestlers use it to tear each. Just as in the fable respecting Charles V, one of the local Indian traditions asserts is not dead, but lives secreted in one of the.

In the following passage I give a curious example of this. At the end of July, , this mysterious document I translate literally from the appeared in Bombay. Mahratti copy, the original having been translated into all. Satya-Yug will commence" that is to say, the end of the Maha-Yug, the great cycle that embraces the four "This time Satya-Yug will last i,ioo minor Yiigas. During all this time a man's lifetime will be years. The days will become longer and will consist years. In the history of the latter it is mentioned that Arjuna, one of the five Pandavas, descendants of the moon dynasty, visited Patala on his travels, and there married the widowed daughter of King Nagual, called Illupl.

Comparing the nanlies of father and daughter we reach the following considerations, which speak strongly in favour of Dayanand's supposition. These Naguals are thought to be the descendants of Nagua, the king of the snakes.


Abbe Brasseur de Bourbourg devotes a considerable amount of space to them in his book about Mexico, and says that the Naguals are servants of the evil one, who, in his turn, renders them but. Naga, and the ''King of the Nagas" plays an important part in the history of Buddha; and in the Purdnas there exists a tradition that. The name of Arjuna's wife Illupl is purely old Mexican, and if we reject the hypothesis of Swami Daya 2.

In the Toltec language we find thie root atl, which means water and war, and directly after America was discovered Columbus found a town called Atlan, at the entrance of the Bay of Uraga. It is now a poor fishing village called Aclo. Only in America does one find such names as Itzooatl, Zempoaltecatl, and Popocatepetl. To attempt to explain such coincidences by the theory of blind chance would be too much, consequently, as long as science does not seek to deny Dayanand's hypothesis, which, as yet, it unable to do, we think it reasonable to adopt it, be only in order to follow out the axiom "one hypothesis.

At length the innkeeper sent a servant to warn us of the dangers that threatened us if we lingered too long on the verandah on a moonlit night. The programme of these dangers was divided into three sections snakes, beasts of prey, and dacoits. Besides the cobra and the "rock-snake," the surrounding mountains are full of a kind of very small mountain snake, called furzen, the most dangerous It. Here they are more snug attracts them,. The verdant and perfumed abyss below our- verandah happened, too, to be the. Three days before our arrival the wife of a Brahman disappeared, carried off by a tiger, and two favourite dogs of the commandant were killed by snakes.

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We were utterly at our wits' end, and meekly gazed at the historical mass before us, not knowing what to do next. Almost at the summit of the mountain, under the overhanging rocks, were a dozen black openHundreds of pilgrims were crawling upwards, ings. One of them, putting the palm of his hand to his mouth, produced a strident sound something' between a shriek and a whistle.

This signal was answered from above by an echo, and the next moment several half naked Brahmans, hereditary watchmen of the temple, began to descend the rocks as swiftly and skilfully as wild cats. Five mjnutes later they were with us, fastening round our bodies strong leathern straps, and rather dragging than leading us upwards.

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Half an hour later, exhausted but perfectly safe, we stood before the porch of the chief temple, which until then had been hidden from us by giant trees and cactuses. This majestic entrance, resting on four massive pillars which form a quadrangle, is fifty-two feet wide and is covered with ancient moss and carvings. Before it. Stands the "lion column," so-called from the four lions carved as large as nature, and seated back to back, at its. Over the principal entrance, its sides covered with male and female figures, is a huge arch, in front of which three gigantic elephants are sculptured in relief, with heads and trunks that project from the wall.

The base. Further on is an altar, which divides the first dome from a second one which rises over a small chamber, formerly used by the ancient cupola-shaped ceiling. Two side passages leading towards it come to a sudden end, which suggests that, once upon a time, either doors or walls were there which exist no longer.

Each of the forty-two pillars has a pedestal, an octagonal shaft, and a capital, described by Fergusson as "of the most exquisite work-. King of Ceylon, in the twentieth year of his reign, that is to say, years before. Stevenson points to seventy years B. Even Fergusson, the celebrated defender of the Egyptian antiquities and hostile critic of those of India, insists that Karli belongs to the erections of the third century B.

Besides the chief entrance there are two lateral entrances, leading to the aisles of the. To the eyes of a spectator standing at the entrance, the whole daghopa shines with light, and behind it is nothing but impenetrable darkness, where no profane footsteps were permitted to tread. A figure on the daghopa, from the summit of which "Raja priests" used to pronounce verdicts to the people, is called Dharma-Raja, from Dharma, the Hindu Minos.

The guardians of the temple have either lost the secret of further caves, or conceal them jealously from Europeans. These temple-monasteries are all smaller than the first, but, falls. To what century or epoch they belong is not. Generally speaking, the position of a European archaeologist in India is very sad. The masses, drowned in superstition, are utterly unable to be of.

Political coups d'etat which have shaken their country to its foundation,. Colonel James Tod, who spent so many years in India and gained the love of the people as well as of the Brahmans a most uncommon trait in the biography of any Anglo-Indian has written the only true history of India, but even he was never allowed to touch this folio. Natives commonly believe that he was offered inviolable that. Being a devoted archaeologist he almost resolved to do so, but, having to return to England on account of his health, he left this world before he could return to his adopted country, and thus the enigma of this new book of the sibyl remains unsolved.

The Takurs of Rajputana, who are said to possess some of the underground libraries, occupy in India a position similar to the position of European feudal barons of the Middle Ages. Their castles are built on high rocks, and besides the natural difficulty of entering them, their possessors are made doubly unreachable by the fact that long secret passages exist in every such castle, known only to the present owner and confided to his heir only at his of their religion. We have visited two such underground halls, one of them big enough to contain a whole village.

No torture would ever induce the owners to disclose the secret of their entrances, but the Yogis and the initiated Adepts come and go freely, entirely trusted by the. The huge daghopa that hides the holy of holies from the eyes of is sheltered by a mushroom-shaped roof, and resembles a low minaret with a cupola. Roofs of this description are called "umbrellas," and usually shelter the statues of Buddha and of the Chinese sages. But, on the other hand, the worshippers of Shiva, who possess the temple nowadays, assert that this low building is nothing but a lingam of Shiva.

Besides, the carvings of gods and goddesses cut out of the rock forbid one to think that the temple is the production of the Buddhists. Fergusson writes, ''What is this monument of antiquity? Does it belong to the Hindus, or to the Buddhists? Has it been built upon plans drawn since the death of Sakya Sing, or does it belong to a more.

Kanari to the Buddhists, and to say that their respective periods correspond to the fourth and fifth centuries in. After the first century a. After the death of King Asoka, Buddhism speedily broke down, and in a short time was entirely displaced by the theocratic Brahmanism. Fergusson's hypothesis that the followers of Sakya Sing, driven out by intolerance from the continent, probably sought shelter on the islands that surround Bombay, would hardly sustain critical analysis.

Blephanta and Salsetta are quite near to Bombay, two and five miles distant respectively, and they are full of the. It is not necessary to be either a specialist, an architect, or an eminent archaeologist, in order to be convinced at the. All three caves are dug out of a hard porphyry rock.

The first temple is practically a It square, feet 6 inches long and feet wide. Every one who wished to rehis sins would bring his chisel and set to work. Many were the members of royal families, and even. According to the Brahmans, these are statues representing the royal sculptors themselves' they being doorkeepers of the holy of holies, Hindus of the highest caste. Each of the larger figures leans upon a dwarf representative of the lower castes, which have been promoted by ,the popular fancy to the rank of demons Pisachas. Moreover, the temple is full of unskilful work.

The Brahmans hold that such a holy place could not be deserted if men of the preceding and present generations had not become unworthy of visiting it. As to Kanari or Kanhari, and some other cave temples, there is not the slightest doubt that they were all erected by Buddhists. In some of them were found inscriptions in a perfect state of preservation, and their style does not remind one in the least of the symbolical buildings of figures.

But Elephanta is much older and must be classed among prehistoric. Unfortunately the date of this. A crowd of about three thousand persons had assembled from the surrounding villages and towns. Women were there adorned from the waist down in. Their "stings" quivered like lightning, and their small eyes glittered with anger at the. The expression, "the sting of a snake," is universal, but it does not describe accurately the process of inflicting a. The term "hissing" is also when applied to cobras. They do not hiss. The noise they make is exactly like the death-rattle of a dying man.

The whole body of a cobra is shaken by gland,. He declared that anyone who bought that stone would be able to charm any cobra it would produce no. Moreoyer, by his account, this stone is the only remedy for the bite of a cobra. You have only to place this talisman on the wound, where it will stick so firmly that it cannot be effect.

In the meanwhile, the buni began to irritate his cobras. Choosing a cobra eight feet long, he literally enraged. As if in answer to this remark, the buni seized the neck of the cobra, and, after a short struggle, fixed a match into its mouth, so that it remained open. Then he brought the snake over and showed it to each of us separately, so that we all saw the death-giving gland in its mouth. But our colonel would not give up his first impression so easily. The death was instantaneous. Facts will remain facts, the most. This courage to write what happened furby little the cobra grew so infuriated that.

As if glued to the trunk of the tree by. Upper part and trying to bite everything. A few steps from us was somebody's dog. It seemed to attract the whole of the buni's attention for some time. Sitting on his haunches, as far as possible from his raging pupil, he stared at the dog with motionless glassy eyes, and then began a scarcely audible song.

The dog grew restless. Putting his tail between his legs, he tried to escape, but After a few remained, as if fastened to the ground. I understood his object, and felt awfully sorry for the dog. But, to my horror, I suddenly felt that my tongue would not move. I was perfectly unable either to get up or even to raise my finger. Happily this fiendish scene was not prolonged. As soon as the dog was near enough, the cobra bit him. The poor animal fell on his back, made a few convulsive movements with his legs, and shortly died.

We could no longer doubt that there was poison in the gland. In the meanwhile the stone had dropped from the buni's finger and he approached to show us the healed member. We all saw the trace of the prick, a red spot not bigger than the head of an ordinary pin. The buni then made straight for our sceptical colonel, and made him an offer to try the experiment himself. We all protested vigorously, but he would not listen to us, and chose a cobra of a Armed with the stone, the very considerable size.

Drooping lower and lower, the snake fell at last on the ground like a stick, and slept. Only then did we breathe freely. Taking the sorcerer aside we expressed our desire to buy the stone, to which he easily assented, and, to our great astonishment, asked for it only two rupees. This talisman became my own property and I still keep it. The buni asserts, and our hissing grew weak,.

This "stone" is not fastened. There exists, moreover, a poisonous toad that also, sometimes, possesses this stone, but its efiect is much weaker. To destroy the effect of a cobra's poison you must apply the toad's stone not later than two minutes after the infliction of the wound but the stone of a cobra is effectual to the last. Its healing power is certain ;. Bidding us good-bye, the buni advised us to keep the it near a dead body, also, to hide it during the sun and moon eclipses, stone in a dry place and never to leave "otherwise," said he, case.

Brahmans teach the bunis to produce all kinds of mesmeric tricks by empirical methods, never explaining to them the theoretical principles, but assuring them that Shiva is behind every phenomenon. So that the bunis sincerely ascribe to their god the honour of their miracles. If the Government took the trouble to examine carefully the statistics of deaths caused by snakes, it would be found that Hhidu of the Shivaite sect has ever died from the bite of a cobra.

They let people of other sects die, but save the members of their own flock. The stone will retain its wonderpower only when it is taken from a live cobra. Now there exist, scattered over the whole of In,4ia, only about half-a-dozen of their pagoda schools, and the inmates would rather part with their very lives than with their secret.

This is the reason why he let it go at such a low price, which he is, probably, at this. She seemed to be in the last convulNo sooner had we applied the stone than the sions. But when, about ten days later, we tried the experiment of the stone upon a poor coolie, just bitten by a cobra, it would not even stick to the wound, and weeks. Sir J. However, about a fortnight or so after the book appeared amongst the Anglo-Indians, a cobra bit his own cook. A buni, who happened to pass by, readily offered to save the man's life.

It stands to reason that the celebrated naturalist could not accept such an offer. Nevertheless, Major Kelly and other officers urged him of India. Declaring that in spite of an hour his cook would be no more, he gave his consent. But it happened that in less than an hour the cook was quietly preparing dinner in the all,. Besides, the general curiosity aroused by our presence, and the unceremonious persecutions of the crowd, were becoming tiring.

The Sadhus differ greatly from every other sect. They never appear unclothed, do not cover themselves with damp ashes, wear no painted signs on their faces, or foreheads, and do not worship idols. He had long hair, and his. His elbow rested on the back of a cow, which was itself well calculated to attract attention, for, in addition to her four perfectly shaped legs, she had a fifth growing out of her hump. This wonderful freak of nature used its fifth leg as if it were a hand and arm, hunting and killing tiresome flies, and scratching its head with the hoof.

At first we thought it was a trick to attract attention, and even felt offended with the animal, as well as with its handsome owner, but, coming nearer, we saw that it was no trick, but an actual sport of mischievous Nature. Holkar, and that her milk had been his only food during the last two years. Sadhus are aspirants to the Raj Yoga, and, as I have said above, usually belong to the school of the Vedanta. Between the Sadhus and the a mortal enmity, which manifests itself by a silent contempt on the side of the Sadhus, and on that of the bunis by constant attempts to sweep their rivals off the face of the earth.

This antipathy is as marked as that between light and darkness, and reminds one of the dualism of the Ahura-Mazda and Ahriman of the Zoroastrians. Masses of people look up to the first as to Magi, sons of the sun and of the.

We offered him money, but he would not touch it, and so we parted. A man needs good eyes, sure feet, and a very strong head to avoid sliding down the preciface of a rocky. But the courage of many of us was gone on an unlimited furlough. The position of our American colonel was the worst, for he was very stout and short-sighted, which defects, taken together,. To keep up our spirits we indulged in a choral performance of the duet from Norma, " Moriam' insieme," holding each other's hands the. We were already half way up to the cave when he made a false step, staggered, lost hold of my hand, and rolled over the edge.

We three, having to clutch the bushes and stones, were quite unable to help him. A unanimous cry of horror escaped us, but died away as we perceived that he had succeeded in clinging to the trunk of a small tree, which grew on the slope a few steps below us. Fortunately, we knew that the colonel was 'good at athletics, and remarkably cool in danger. Still the moment was a critical one. The slender stem of the tree might give way at any moment.

Our cries of distress were answered by the sudden while, to ensure our being spared. The Sadhu called out to the colonel and to us to keep quiet. He patted the neck of his monstrous cow, and untied the rope by which he was leading her. Then, with both hands he turned her head in our direction, and clucking with his tongue, he cried "Chal! With a few wild goat-like bounds. Y the colonel's secretary. And, indeed, the sun was dipping below the horizon, and every moment was precious.

In the meanwhile, the Sadhu had fastened the rope round the cow's neck again and stood before us on the pathway, evidently not understanding a word of our conversation. His long, black hair, floating in the breeze, alone showed that in him we beheld a living being and not a magnificent statue of bronze. Forgetting our recent danger and our present awkward situation. How beautiful are his outlines seen against the golden and blue sky. One would say, a Greek Adonis, not a Hindu! Sahib's eyes are his enemies. Let the Sahib ride on my cow. She cannot stumble. Ride on a cow, and a five-legged one at that?

We eagerly related all our adventures, and thefa looked for the Sadhu, but, in the meanwhile, he had disappeared together with his cow. He is a Sadhu, not a buni,". Nanaka, a leader of the Sikhs. The former are Adwaitas, The Adwaitas believe only in an impersonal deity named Parabrahm.

In the chief hall of the vihara was a life-sized statue. This hall was, in consequence, so damp that we preferred to spend the night on the verandah in the open air, hanging, as it were, between sky and earth, and lit from below by numerous fires kept burning all the night by Gulab-Sing's servants, to scare away wild beasts, and, from above, by the light of the full moon.

A supper was arranged after the Kastern fashion, on carpets spread upon the floor, and with thick banana leaves for plates and dishes. The noiselessly gliding steps of the servants, more silent than ghosts, their white muslins and red turbans, the limitless depths of space, lost in waves of moonlight, before us, and behind, the dark vaults of ancient caves, dug out by unknown races, in unknown times, in honour of an unknown, prehistoric religion all these, our surroundings, transported us into a strange world, and into distant epochs far different from our own.

We had before us representatives of five different peoples, five different types of costume, each quite unlike the others. All five are known to us in ethnography under the generic name of Hindus,j Similarly eagles, condors, hawks, vultures, and owls are known to ornithology as "birds of prey," but the analogous differences are as great. Bach of these five companions, a Rajput, a Bengali, a Madrasi, a Sinhalese and a Mahratti, is a descendant of a race, the origin of which European scientists have discussed for over half a century without coming to any agreement.

Tod from the Oodeypore archives , T:hat is to say, two thousand two hundred years before Christ, and genealogical tree prepared by Colonel. The Rajputs hate the latter. They say the children of the sun and Rama have nothing in common with the children of the. The Mahrattis are aborigines of the West of India, as the Bengalis are of the East; but to what group of tribes belong these two nationalities no ethnographer can define, save per-. The oldest peoples of Europe are mere babes compared with the tribes of Asia, and especially of India.

After long and careful research and comparison with the text of the PurdnaSy and various monumental inscriptions, Colonel. Inda-Prestha pillars of Purag and Mevar, on the rocks of Junagur, in Bijoli, on Aravuli and on all the ancient Jain a temples scattered throughout India, where are to. These pages are of a superficial and descriptive nature, and, as such, make no pretence to profound learning, so that what follows may seem incongruous. But it must be remembered that in Russia, as elsewhere in Europe, people estimate the value of this philological light by the points of exclamation lavished upon.

It may even be that I shall not be far from the truth in saying that the very existence of this work is ignored, which may perhaps be. Aryan tribe in India acquired the notion of God step by step and very slowly, he evidently wishes to prove that the Vedas are far from being as old as is supposed by some of his colleagues. Having presented, in due course, some more or less valuable evidence to prove '. Professor Max Miiller divides the in. The ancients, he says, had no knowledge of gold, and, therefore, if gold is mentioned in this mantram it means that the mantram was composed at a comparatively modern epoch, and so on.

But here the illustrious Sanskritist is very much mistaken. Swami Dayanand and other pandits, who sometimes are far from being Dayanand's allies, maintain that garbha,. So all the Professor's brilliant demonstrations are labour in vain. For ;. Vayu, god of the wind, and Agni, god of fire, all four depending on this first divine principle, expand, according to the mantram from hiranya-garbha, the radiant bosom.

In this case the gods are the personifications of. Adepts of India understand very clearly that the god Indra, for instance, is nothing more than a mere sound, born of the shock the forces of Nature. How then can he be permitted to pronounce upon the antiquity of the VedaSy when he is so far from the right understanding of the language of these ancient writings. The above is a rcsiwie'oi Dayanand's argument, and to him the Sanskritists must apply for further particulars, which they will certainly find in his Rigvedadi Bhashya Bhoomika.

I was unable to sleep, and so watched with increasing curiosity everything that was going on. The Takur, too, was sleepless. Every time I raised my eyes, heavy with fatigue, the first object upon which they fell. Having seated himself after the Eastern fashion, with his feet drawn up and his arms round his knees, the Rajput sat on a bench cut in the rock at one end of the. But the granite goddess, Bhavani herself, could not be more immovable.

It was our American alarumstruck one! I could not which always travelled with me. But neither the hissing, nor the loud striking of the clock, nor my sudden movement, that made Miss X raise her sleepy head, awakened Gulab-Sing, who still hung over the precipice. Another half hour passed.

The far-away roar of the festivity was still heard, but everything round me was calm and still. Sleep fled further and further from my eyes. My attention became absorbed by the group of three Rajputs before me by the two shield bearers and their master. I cannot tell why I was specially attracted at this moment by the sight of the long hair of the servants, which was waving in the wind, though the place they occupied was comparatively sheltered.

I turned my eyes upon their Sahib, and the blood in my veins stood still. The veil of somebody's topi, which hung beside him, tied to a pillar, was simply whirling in the wind, while the hair of the Sahib himself lay as still as if it had been glued to his shoulders, not a hair moved, nor a single fold of his light muslin garment. No statue could be more motionless. I shut my eyes, telling myself I must look no But a moment later I again looked up, startled by a crackling sound from above the steps.

The long, dark silhouette of some animal appeared at the entrance, clearly outlined against the pale sky. I saw it in profile. Its long tail was lashing to and fro. Both the servants rose swiftly and noiselessly and turned their heads towards Gulab-Sing, as if asking for orders. But where was Gulab-Sing?

In the place which, but a moment ago, he occupied, there was no one. There lay only the topi, torn from the pillar by the wind. I sprang up a tremendous roar deafened me, filling the vihara, wakening the slumbering echoes, and resounding, like the softened rumbling of thunder, over all the borders of the precipice. Good heavens A tiger Before this thought had time to shape itself clearly in my mind, the sleepers sprang up and the men all seized their guns and revolvers, and then we heard the sound of crashing branchea, and of something heavy sliding down into the precipice.

The alarm was general. Was it not a tiger? At about two P. Accompanied by halfa-dozen Daknis inhabitants of the Dekhan plateau he was slowly advancing, seated almost on the ears of his horse, which snorted and seemed very unwilling to move. When he reached the verandah and jumped. Across the saddle was tied a huge tiger, whose tail dragged in the dust.

There were traces of dark blood in his halfopened mouth. He was taken from the horse and laid down by the doorstep. There exists only one brotherhood in India whose members possess all secrets, and from whom nothing in nature is concealed. Here is the body of the tiger to testifythat the animal was not killed with a weapon of any kind, but- simply by the word of Gulab-I,al-Sing. I found it, very easily, in the bushes exactly under our vihara, at the foot of the rock over which the tiger had rolled,.

Abu came into existence. No one spoke. I gazed curiously at. His on his back, smoking a cigar and looking straight above him, with no expression in his eyes. He silently accepted the hair and put it in The Hindus stood round the tiger, and his purse. Gulab-Sing continued quietly reading his book. Inscriptions may still be seen showing that all these temples were built by Buddhists, or, rather, by Jainas.

Modern Buddhists believe in one Buddha only, Gautama, Prince of Kapilavastu six centuries before Christ whereas the Jainas recognize a. Here are two more inscriptions from Bajah caves. Here one meets with a repetition in miniature of what takes place on a larger scale at L'hassa in Tibet.

About years ago a poor Brahman couple were promised, in sleep, by the god of wisdom that he would The boy was named incarnate in their eldest son. Maroba one of the god's titles in honour of the deity. Maroba grew up, married, and begot several sons, after which he was commanded by the god to relinquish the world and finish his days in the desert. There, during twenty-two years, according to the legend, Maroba wrought miracles and his fame grew day by day. He lived in an impenetrable jungle, in a corner of the thick.

Chinchood in those days. Gunpati appeared to him once more, and promised to incarnate in his descendants for seven generations. After this forest that covered. At last Maroba gave orders to the people to bury him alive, in a sitting posture, with an open book in his hands, and never to open his grave again under penalty of his wrath and maledictions. In order to test the extent of his "deification," Alamgir sent him a piece of a cow's tail wrapped in rich stufi"s and coverings.

Now, to touch the tail of a dead cow is I. On receiving Narayan sprinkled the parcel with water, and, when the stuffs were unfolded, there was found enclosed in them a nosegay of white syringa, instead of the ungodly tail. This transformation rejoiced the Kmperor so much that he presented the god with eight villages, to cover Narayan's social position and his private expenses. He drew down the malediction of Gunpati by violating the grave of Maroba. That is why his son,. We had to take off our shoes before we were allowed to approach this half-.

We were to see Nassik, one of the few towns mentioned by Greek historians, its caves, and the tower of Rama; to visit Allahabad, the ancient Prayaga, the metropolis of the moon dynasty,.

Bknarks, Prayaga now Allahabad , Nassik, Hurdwar, Bhadrinath, Matura these were the sacred places of prehistoric India which we were to visit one after the. Modern India does not present a pale shadow of what it was in the pre-Christian era, nor even of the Hindostan of the da3'S of Akbar, Shah-Jehan and Aurungzeb. The neighbourhood of every town that has. Modern names have been given to them by Mussulmans, who generally built their towns upon the remains of those they had The names of the latter are just taken by assault.

Will a time ever come for these secrets of the centuries to be revealed? As for ourselves, we were differently situated. Besides, we had a promise of the revelation of some secrets, and the accurate translation of some ancient chronicles, that had been preserved as if by a. This has been shown by. He wrote before ethnology had" reached. However pessimistic may be our lyCt. Wilson, Wheeler, and the rest of the archaeologists and Sanskritists who have written about India, still, I hope,.

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We are dailyreminded that, like unreasonable children, we have. Government, have shrunk dismayed; that we have taken upon ourselves a work which has proved to be beyond the capacities of the Royal Asiatic Society. Let it be so. Let everyone try to remember, as we ourselves remember, that not very long ago a poor Hungarian, who not only had no means of any kind but was almost a beggar, travelled on foot to Tibet through unknown and dangerous countries, led only by the love of learning and the eager wish to pour light on the historical origin of his nation.

The result was that inexhaustible mines of literary treasures were discovered. Philology, which till then had wandered in the Egyptian darkness of etymological labyrinths, and was about to ask the sanction of i;he scientific world to one of the ivildest of theories, suddenly stumbled on the clue of Ariadne.

Alexander Csoma de Koros, Tifeet yielded a language the literature of which was totally unknown. He partly translated it and partly analyzed and explained it. His translations have shown the scientific world that i the originals of the Ze7id-Avcsta, the zeal of. One cannot help feeling ashamed of humanity and science when one thinks that he whose labours first gave to science such precious results, he who was the first soWer of such an abundant harvest, remained, almost until the day of his death, a poor and obscure worker.

On his way from Tibet he walked to Calcutta without a penny in his pocket. Being already very ill, he wanted to get back to Tibet, and started on foot again through Sikkhim. He succumbed to his illness on the road and was buried in Darhjeeling. All we hope to accomplish is to lay the foundation stone of an edifice, whose feat. Royal Asiatic Society. A work like this might be accomplished by dozens of tireless, never- resting Sanskritists a class which, even in Irfdia, is almost as rare as white elephants.

Nassik borrowed its name that. An epic legend assures lis that on this very spot Lakshman, the eldest brother of the deified King Rama, cut off the nose of the giantess Sarpnaka, sister of Ravana,. The train stops six miles from the town, so that we had to finish our journey in six two- wheeled, gilded chariots,. Every ing. Nevertheless, the drivers did not dispense with a single one of their superstitious precautions against tigers.

They chanted mantrams in unison, spread betel over the road as a token of their respect to the Rajas of the forest, and, after every couplet,. It is to this magic name, probably, that the town owes its numerous magnificent temples, and the selectness of the Brahmans who inhabit the banks of the river.

It's his pattern of female attraction. If this is a same sex couple, then whoever fits the mold of the female energy and whoever fits the mold of the male energy, then the same information applies. Get a Compatibility Report here! Okay, let's put it this way. Well Yin is feminine and Yang pronounced yong is masculine. You can remember Yin and Yang by remembering that Yin has an "i" in it like feminine has an "i" in it. Now think of Yin and Yang this way. Do you see the dot in the swirl?

Well, you are the dot in your partner's swirl and your partner is the dot in your swirl. It's the same thing with anything in Life and it's same thing with the dot in the swirl. If your entire swirl is percent, then the dot in your swirl is 30 percent your partner. It's the same way with the planets. The 7th house cusp, Sun and Mars is the 30 percent dot in the swirl for females. The 7th house cusp, Venus and Moon is the 30 percent dot in the swirl for males. So enough with just matching up Sun Signs, that is nothing but a load of BS!

I know, I have a way with words. Did you know there are , astrological types? This horoscope is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in it is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or are taking medications of any kind.

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