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Scorpio (♏) is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Duration (tropical, western), October 23 – November 22 (, UT1) in Hindu astrology), the Sun is in Scorpio from approximately November 16 to December 1 Associations; 2 References; 3 Works cited; 4 External links.

Under the tropical zodiac , the Sun transits this area on average between July 23 and August 22 each year, and under the sidereal zodiac , the Sun currently transits this area from approximately August 16 to September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fifth astrological sign in the zodiac.

Leo Zodiac Sign Facts, Traits, Money and Compatibility |

This article is about the astrological sign. For the astronomical constellation, see Leo constellation. Retrieved June 17, Archived from the original on December 23, Retrieved March 24, The Theoi Project: Greek mythology.

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It speaks to the bravery of those of the Leo Zodiac. The Lion is fearless, impossible to challenge, and their only weaknesses are being fearful and aggressive towards those they confront. The Lion also needs a safe place to find comfort. This gives them a moment before tackling the world with dignity and respect.

Being the brave, kind ruler the Lion is. The fire signs are always masculine, or positive. If you were born an Aries, a Leo, or a Sagittarius, then you were born a Fire sign. Of course, not all fire signs are going to behave the same. Even two Leos can be very different from each other, because of the way that the rest of their planets fall.

With that said, Leo is gregarious and usually enjoys the company of others.

Zodiac Signs: Leo "The Courageous Leader" Traits & Meaning

They light up a room and make a gathering come to life. Leos are also confident in their abilities to get things done, good at motivating others, goal oriented, creative and inspiring. However, the fiery Leo is not without his or her flaws. Leos are prone to outbursts of temper, want to have their own way, are impulsive and pessimistic.

Just as the Lion is a ruler, the Sun is the lord over the solar system. The Leo zodiac has a huge self-image, a fiery nature, has drive and an abundant personality. This is because of the quadruplicities, or the qualities of those signs. Just like there are 4 elements — Fire, Earth, Air, and Water — there are 3 quadruplicities. These are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed.

But the pouty days are few and far between because you love to be where the action is and with the people that are creating it. As a result, a Leo works hard to pay for their luxurious tastes so that they can be generous with all of those you include in your circle, which is probably a large one. The Leo has many friends, and all of them are dear ones at that. As the Fixed Fire sign, yours is a sparkling personality that embodies the Lion, the King of the Jungle.

Leos are typically wonderful entertainers; no expense or effort is spared in making sure others have a good time. Leos often attract the attention of others wanted or otherwise. The reason some of this attention may be unwanted is that Leos are rarely available; they take early and well to solid and committed relationships. The most compatible partners for Leo are those with keen minds and strong independent streaks needy people just irritate them.

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  3. The Leo Man!
  4. Want to know more? Read the full Leo compatibility profile. While they come across as wholly self-assured there is a fragility here of which parents should remain aware. Give your little Lion plenty of praise as earned because they crave it and, in turn, this leads to more positive behaviors.

    Leo Sign Dates, Traits & More

    No matter the setting your Leo will always take the lead. If asked to join a team, the Leo Child must be at the head of the group or they simply walk away glumly. This is hard for parents, but learning that they cannot be head of the pack all the time is one of the challenging lessons you can provide.

    There are times when your Leo roars about other people, seeing their lacks. Instilling modesty helps. Read the full Leo Child astrological profile. She also carries herself with the same regal bearing as the great cat. When the Lioness feels wronged everyone will hear all about it and in spades.

    She will caterwaul to the high heavens and sometimes head off sulking. Do no try to confine this child — she wants her run of the jungle and takes to outdoor activities far more readily than having a roof overhead. Read the full Leo Girl personality profile. Saying a Leo Boy is interesting is a huge understatement.

    Leo woman questions

    This little Lion has a personality the size of a, well, a jungle. Forget nagging or talking down to this child — they find it irritating, but do respond to well-reasoned discussion. Read the full Leo Boy personality profile.